A few quick notes because the dryer’s almost done

Note 1: if you’ve registered and you’re a frequent commenter and you’ve noticed that your avatar isn’t working anymore, it’s because I switched from a cumbersome and annoying avatar system to the gravatars built into WordPress’s core. (Note: your old avatar will still work if I switch back to an old template… at least until I nuke all the old templates.)

To sent up a new avatar, go to this website and set up an avatar with an email address that matches the address you’re using here. (Your profile is here to check your contact info.) It take 15 mins or so for the system to catch up, but after that the avatar you have set up will work not only here but most other WordPress and similar blog sites.

(We’re taking avatars rated R and under if I remember correctly, so make sure to rate your image appropriately.)

Note 2: If you haven’t registered and you want to comment regularly (or even sporadically) with some assurance that I’m not going to zap your comment as spam, use the Register link in the top right corner. It’s a really good idea to comment not long after you’ve registered so I don’t nuke you as registration spam either.

Note 3: I hate laundry.

Note 4: The avatar isn’t the only change on the site that hasn’t been completed yet, but I’m not tipping my hand to the rest yet.

Note 5: the key lime pie cheesecake was delicious.

Note 6: Congratulations to Eric and Wednesday Burns-White on their successful knot-tying!

Note 7: I have too many clothes.

There’s the dryer buzzer, off I go.


Eric Burns is posting on Websnark for the new year — on a more regular basis. Welcome Back, Mr. Burns, we missed you.

Online Comics Day 2006 Is Coming!

You might remember that last year we celebrated this esteemed holiday, but there were a few bumps in the road when it came to the official website.

Well, I’ve spent the past few days working with Aric Campling of H.O.S.E.R.S to ressurect the Online Comics Day website. I’m really thrilled that Aric and David and Howard and all the others involved let me participate – and I’m thrilled that we get to continue the tradition. Registration could open as early as tomorrow, so if you are a comic creator (or know one) please stop on by!

Now I just need to draw my comic for the event. Heh, how silly would that be, me not having a comic for it?

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