While I continue to write, here are some things to amuse you.

Attack ads circa 1800:

STD Test? There’s an app for that. Eew!

Tea with the Squash God ยป The Cow in the Apartment and the Ghost of Steampunk Future, or, Why Ursula Vernon isn’t writing a Dickensian Steampunk Novel.

All spit-take warnings are in full effect for the next one

Damn You Autocorrect

This is the most important article on gamification I’ve read yet.

There, that will keep you busy for a bit.

Elections, Muppets, Hospices, Accents, and More – a link dump.

Don’t have the time (or the patience) to wade through all the political bullshit in the ads to figure out which candidate thinks most like you? Project VoteSmart’s VoteEasy may help you figure out which candidate is more like you.

Kurt Vonnegut motivational posters. One of these days I’ll get around to reading something of his.

Pencil art – but not the way you think.

Have an older iPhone? This might help speed it up.

This article on hospice care is a hard article to read, but worth it.

You know how there’s the American accent and the British accent? Turns out that in 1776, they both sounded the same (no shock there) but over the years it’s been the British accent that diverged, not the American one.

A practical plan for when you feel overwhelmed is exactly what it says it is. Turns out I’ve been using most of these for years without having read them in a blog, but the bit about doing 15 minutes of fast things, followed by 35 minutes of something hard, is worth giving a try I suspect.

An awesome photo of a really bad shot by Tiger Woods.

Grover does Old Spice Guy.

Awesome use of negative space in IBM “Outcomes” campaign

Tilt-shift Van Gogh

This is an important read: a reminder that if you say no to yourself, no one else can say yes. If you want something, even if it’s a long-shot, a difficult chance, something you might not qualify for or might not be able to do even if you do qualify for it, you have to try – apply – do – whatever you can to give yourself the opportunity. You fail as soon as you decide not to try.

Best Drunk Driving Public Service Annoucement for today’s geek ever:

An interesting look at the evils of shoes and not just heels, but pretty much all of them. I’m a big fan of MBTs, which they diss just a bit, but which increased my balance quickly enough that my martial arts instructor noticed. That’s progress. On the other hand, I’m hearing wonderful things about Vibram Five Fingers, and they’re likely to be my next adventure in shoes.

Maybe the universe isn’t so vacuum-y after all?

32 photographs of the solar system by The Big Picture.

There is a fracture. I need to fix it.

This movie has become a bit of a meme around our house. The phrase “There is a [x]. I need to fix it.” is muttered at least once a day. So that y’all don’t think I’m bonkers when I’m muttering it under my breath, I’m sharing it with y’all.

(It might help to know that asystole is the medical term for flatlining.)

Many many thanks to Jo from Head Nurse for posting it, as it had both Nighthawk and I laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe.

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