More beach for you!

It was sunny today and we spent hours on the beach. Here are some pics for you.

beach!  beach!

Some girls in the chunk of beach next to ours were throwing cheese puffs to the seagulls, so the gulls were hanging around being goofy quite a bit. And in the second pic, you can see a really big ship, probably a aircraft carrier.

We Have Arrived.

Whoo!! I have beach!!

beach!! beach!! beach!! beach!! beach!!

Yeah, it’d be a panorama if I wasn’t too busy partying to knit it together. Laters!

More VanOstenbridge Wedding Pics

For those who may be looking, there are more Wayne & Pam Wedding Pics here.

If you look carefully, you might even find a pic or two of kirabug in a dress!.

Wedding Pics

Those who have wandered here to find a link to Wayne & Pam’s wedding pics would be well served by visiting this page.

The rest of you can look too if you want, they’re really romantic :)

One quick disclaimer – none of these shots have been cleaned up or doctored. Red eye galore.

Rose Zen

My roses are blooming! I thought I’d share this moment of roses with you:

[pink minirose]        [lavender minirose]

Now, off to get ready for work.

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