More Health Care info….

Wow, this health care stuff is complicated. Let’s check out some charts. Informational graphics by our politicians are designed to make it all clearer, right?

There’s an article pointing to some charts here….Ezra Klein – When Health-Care Reform Stops Being Polite and Starts Making Charts and over here…. Political Chart Wars: Health-Care Reform Obfuscated by Infographics.

They include this doozy:


(yes, I hotlinked the images in this post, yes I’m against that, yes, I’ll fix that later.)

Hmm, charts by idiot politicians, maybe not a good idea…

I also have to admit, I was amused by the Democratic comeback:

So now that everyone’s had fun trying to make readers blind by putting bright colors on a dark grey bakground, maybe we should let an actual information/graphic designer give it a shot. This one’s called do not fuck with graphic designers.

Hey, something usable!

The letter below the image pretty much says how anyone in charge of presenting accurate and understandable information feels about that monster you see above. You can see the full pdf here and, OMG, it actually makes a bit of sense.

Now, if only any of them were indicative of a simple health care system….

With thanks to Joe Lanman on this thread of the IXDA discussion board.

Pa. Lawmakers Criticize Plan Faceprints

Here’s a scary phrase:

Ardo says only those with reason to be concerned should be concerned.

As soon as you hear that your government saying that only those who have a reason to be concerned about their privacy being…. well, not very private, should be concerned, you have a reason to be concerned.

So when Pa. Lawmakers Criticize Plan Faceprints and I hear a phrase like that, suddenly, I’m paying attention.

Senator urges to ban iPod from NY Crosswalks

iPod thrills but also “Kills”, Senator urges to ban iPod from NY crosswalks.

Two questions:

1. Do you really think a $100 fine is going to stop people dumb enough to walk into the street while using handheld electronics? (And as for students, do you think they’ll actually pay it?)

2. Are they also going to fine deaf people for not hearing those yelling to them, fine drivers for driving with the car radio on, and fine people having intense conversations as they walk, as all three of those things can also lead to people walking into the street without thinking?

Bonus question:

How much money do you think New York City could make collecting $100 from each iPod wearer in the city?