Awesome sports bras – and you’re probably in the wrong one.

Because I’m exercising regularly in groups, this comes up often. I promised some friends I’d pass a couple of these sites on to them, but it’s really great for every lady with C or larger boobage.

If when you go *kick* or you go *punch* or you go *block* or you go *jump* your chest goes *woggidy woggidy woggidy* or *flappity flappity* or just plain old OW, you are wearing the wrong sports bra.

If you are using two or more sports bras at one time, you are wearing the wrong sports bra.

And if you need to grab your chest when working out, you are wearing the wrong sports bra.

And if all that’s true, well, you’re probably wondering why the hell I haven’t cut to the chase and told you where to buy a better bra. Well, it ain’t your local Walmart, that’s for sure.

My favorite sports bra shop is Title 9 Sports… they rank each of their bras as between 1 and 6 bar bells, with the most bar bells providing the most hold. (The link above goes to the 3+ bar bell page) I’ve got a 3 Reasons and a Having It All and they’re both great. (I prefer the 3 reasons only because I don’t like the hooks digging into my chest if somebody punches me during sparring.)

Somewhat related, I believe that every woman should read these pages that tell you whether your bra fits. This pictoral guide is awesome too. I have friends who constantly complain of back pain or that their boobs have gone flat and even I can tell by looking at them that they’re in the wrong bra size. Sagging? Wrong bra. Double-decker boobs? Wrong bra. You can fit a hairbrush handle between your sternum and the bra edges? Wrong bra!

Don’t be ashamed of having a big rack – if you’ve got ’em, even if you don’t flaunt ’em, make ’em look nice! There’s an entire world beyond DD that’s actually comfortable.

Big bra stores: Lane Bryant, Bigger Bras, Bravissimo

When it’s all said and done, there’s an entire world beyond C… heck, even beyond DD… that’s actually comfortable, and makes you look beautiful. Don’t be afraid to check it out!

with thanks to Pablo Wapsi who’s been passing this kind of information on for years, and whose character Monica inspired me to go find a better bra.

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Three links Nighthawk thought I’d be interested in, and I am in turn passing on to you:

How to Take a Caffeine Nap

How much sleep is enough sleep?

The 5-Minute Productivity Breakthrough (which works fine for me as long as the Internet’s down, but otherwise I stop every minute or so to read another comic.)

Speaking of comics, Kiagi Swordcat has returned! Whoo!

I deleted over 1400 email messages from my mail software this evening. That added up to around 1 gig of hard drive space regained. (I’m down to under 10 gig and it’s making me nervous. In fact, before I emptied the trash can, I was down to about 4 gig.)

Two important notes for Mac users:

1) The same day that perpetual Mac-basher (and generally clueless individual) John Dvorak writes that he thinks Apple will switch to the Windows operating system HAH!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahaha…. whew! I needed that…. we achive a step in “being taken seriously” by the Windoid masses – that is, someone has developed a piece of malware for us.

Yep, that’s right. If you too are dumb enough to double-click any attachment sent to you, you could catch a Trojan Horse on your Mac.

Of course, for once, the malwarian in question actually used something that would tempt the average Mac user: the promise of leaked pics of Leopard (OS X 10.5). If your Mac is suitably protected with up-t0-date virus software (freaky!) you’re already protected.

Gawd, on days like this, I really miss As the Apple Turns. Jack would’ve had a ball with this one.

2) If your Mac isn’t protected by up-to-date virus software, you might actually want to consider getting some. Yes, yes, I know, the idea of having to install virus protection on a Mac is bizarre, but hey, better safe than sorry, right?

And yes, I know that installing Norton Antivirus feels like you’ve installed a virus. I’ve run it on many a Mac (just not one I’d actually own) and yes, I too want to strangle the damn LiveUpdate window that won’t go away (though I hear they fixed that in NAV10), and smack the software for interfering with everything.

But I learned this week that there are other options. A co-worker of mine pointed me to Intego VirusBarrier after he finally uninstalled Norton (and regaled me with stories of the “speed bump” he gained in the process). I’m installing it now. It’s won awards for performance and usability, it’s designed for the Mac, and from what I’m told, it will not, in and of itself, act like you’ve installed a giant virus. Whoo!

It’s a bit pricey – $69.95 – but you do get a $5 coupon for 10 days if you download the demo first. And Norton Antivirus is advertised at the same $70, so if you’re going to run antivirus, you might as well go all the way with it.

And finally, totally unrelated to the above, something the majority of the men in the audience don’t need to worry about: How to tell if your bra fits and how to tell what doesn’t fit if it doesn’t. Kudos to Plantnerd for providing that one.

Okay, that’s enough babble for a while. Plan for Sketchy Theater on Saturday and hopefully a new full comic on Tuesday.