Things you should read (or watch) from the Internet

Old Jews Telling Jokes(link goes to iTunes store) – This is the only podcast I’ve ever subscribed to that I actually keep up on.

Unhappy Meals was pointed out recently on a twitter diet thread I follow, and I think it’s the most intelligent thing about dieting and nutrition that I’ve read in years.

It also dovetails nicely with this – Living to 100: The 9 Wise Habits:

I want to live to be 126, so I’m going to try to combine them.

Cred vs. Influence (or Killing our Soul) applies to more than just game design, and is the first time I’ve heard folks talk about Steinbeck in a while.

In other news, this is a smart doohicky:

Boost your productivity with Hemingway’s Hack.

I think Chance would do this if he could figure out how.

Puppy Hates Snow – Watch more Funny Videos

OK, that’s enough blogging for today.


I have an absolute killer headache. It’s been around since noon. Not fun.

The most recent A Girl & Her Fed got me giggling though… third-tier villains shouldn’t be adopted unless you’re really going to take care of them.

Basic Instructions also had some “helpful” information on how to evaluate a new medication…

The Phillies won their first postseason game today!

And I’m working on comics.

Meanwhile, here’s some stuff from the internet:

Aaaand some video.

Simon’s Cat – Hot Spot. (I just got the Simon’s Cat book and it’s awesome.)

The Phillie Phanatic Milks a Cow.

You are being shagged by a rare parrot!

Family Guy, Disney style:

Helen Keller, captured on video, speaking:

OK, that’s enough for tonight. Head still hurts. I should sleep.

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